The Northeast Earth Coalition

7th Annual Conference Program

February 12, 2022

Conference Team:  Will open a Zoom meeting at 9am to check that everything is ready for the official opening.

Time: 9:30am

  1. Conference opening: Doug Ruccione, Master of Ceremonies – Welcoming people and introducing the conference program.

Time: 9:35am

  1. Presentation: The NEEC in 2021. Estimated time: 5 minutes.

Time: 9:40am

  1. Northeast Pollinator Pathways Project update and Q&A

Time: 9:55am

  1. Announcements about the program and introduction of our keynote speaker, Gar Alperovitz, nationally acclaimed author, historian and political economist.

 Time: 10.00am

Gar’s presentation

Time: 10:50

  1. Q&A on Gar Alperovitz presentation

Time: 11:00am

  1. Virtual Tabling (Up to five minutes each):
  2. a)       Group 1- 350NJ – Rockland, Ted Glick
  3. b)      Group 2 – Pay up Climate Polluters – Lauren O’Brien
  4. c)       City Green – Emily Evers
  5. d)      Montclair Climate Action – David Korthage

Time: 11:25am

  1. Announcements about the conference program and introduction of    Jose Aguto, VP of Catholic Climate Covenant

Time: 11:30am

  1. Jose Aguto’s Presentation

Time: 12:05

  1. Q&A Jose Aguto’s presentation

Time: 12:15pm

  1. Announcements for afternoon program; lunch recess for 30 minutes.

Time: 12:16pm

  1. Virtual Tabling from 12:16pm to 12:30pm
  2. a)      NJ Native Plant Society – Deb Ellis
  3. b)      Montclair Environmental Commission – Susan Aptman

Time: 12:30pm to 1:00pm Lunch Recess:

  1. a)      Screening of video: How Teens Started the Zero Hour Movement
  2. b)      Screening of video: North Carolinians Fight the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Time: 12:45pm

  1. Virtual Tabling from 12:45pm to 1:05pm.
  2. a)      Montclair Community Farm – Lana Mustafa
  3. b)      Environmental Education Fund – Lindsey Kayman
  4. c)      Vegan Activist Alliance – Eloisa Trinidad
  5. d)     Purple Dragon – Janit London


Time: 1:05pm

  1. NJ Bike & Walk – Essex/Hudson Greenway Project update and Q&A – Debra Kagan, Executive Director of NJ Bike and Walk

Time: 1:15pm

  1. Conference announcements and introduction of guest speaker Melissa Miles

Time: 1:16 pm

  1. Melissa Miles, Presentation – NJ Environmental Justice Alliance

Time: 1:50 pm

  1. Q&A on Melissa Miles’ Presentation

Time: 2:00pm

  1. Virtual Tabling:
  2. e)      Montclair Area Solidarity Network – Greg Pason
  3. f)        Start Up Project: Plantraw – Izahar Groner
  4. g)      Citizen’s Climate Lobby – Ellen Berkowitz

Time: 2:10pm

  1. Introduction of guest speaker Amy Tuininga, MSU PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies

Time: 2:11pm

  1. Amy Tuininga’s Presentation

Time 2:46pm

  1. Q&A on Amy Tuininga’s Presentation


Time: 2:50pm

Last tabling opportunity – Conference Summary and Closing