The Northeast Earth Coalition

Our Programs

The NEEC has three programs:
Community Outreach, Environmental Initiatives, and Urban Growers.

The Environmental Initiatives:

This program presents free workshops and training to educate the public about environmental issues, promote the protection of the environment, and create community level environmental education projects.


Learn More About the Crane Park Environmental Project


The Urban Growers:

The program sees the growth of community vegetable gardens as an effective strategy to make healthy organic produce accessible to low income families, ensuring that all the members of our community have access to fresh local foods. We educate, coach, and monitor the work of volunteers working with community gardens.


Community Outreach:

The Community Outreach Program is responsible for reaching out to environmental activists and community groups as well as building partnerships with other organizations, providing support for their work, and collaborating with their programs and agenda.  Community Outreach provides educational support and micro-grants to create workshops, trainings, cultural activities and long-term projects.


We work at the community level with direct contact through local community leaders. We support their projects and provide training and workshops. We promote our agenda via social media, the internet, and local newspapers. Every year, we gather at our annual conference and have presentations on issues including urban farming, clean water and water sources protection, renewable energy, climate change, wildlife habitat, and environmental preservation and restoration.

NEEC Scope:

We focus on northern New Jersey and have conducted activities in the communities of Paterson, Passaic, Ringwood, Totowa, Wayne, Clifton, Newark, Bloomfield, East Orange, Jersey City, and Montclair. Our webinars are covering Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and Maryland.