The Northeast Earth Coalition

NEEC Community Composting Program

What is composting?

Composting uses kitchen and yard waste to create the ideal environment for organic materials to decompose, producing a nutrient-rich material that enhances soil for future crops and planting. It is possible to compost at home or on an industrial scale.

Importance of composting:

Composting has two main benefits: it improves soil health, and it reduces the amount of food and yard waste sent to landfills or incinerators.

Community Composting Program:

The NEEC Community Composting Program started in June 2020 with a pilot project at our garden at 94 Pine Street (Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church). The program educates the community about composting and gives community members a chance to participate. People from the neighborhood who lack space for home composting at home drop off their kitchen compost materials at this location.

This volunteer-run program promotes social inclusion and empowerment, greener neighborhoods, improvement of local soils, enhanced food security, and increased awareness of composting.

This summer, in addition to 94 Pine Street three new locations are opening at the Montclair Inn Community Garden, Union Congregational Church Community Garden, and First Congregational Church. Anyone can join in by dropping off appropriate food and yard waste at one of these locations.

For additional information, and to find out how to participate in the program, please contact us at: